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In one word, yes. Clients are limited to three Drunk Elephant-branded items per transaction and three Tatcha-branded items per transaction. Merchandise quantities may be limited, see store for details. I will be sure to forward your feedback along to the appropriate contacts, and will also send you a PM shortly. I'm so mixed on this sale. I think the idea of it was great, but the execution needed some improvement. So it is what it is. It definitely took some of the excitement away but also made me spend wiser.

I was going to get 5 DE items but since it was limited to 3 I ended up only buying 2. While initially annoyed, I think it worked out fine for me in the end. I think online raincheck would be a nice compromise if they limit to one time use online again. Yes, my wallet is much happier than if they had let us place multiple orders, but is Sephora as happy as my wallet? Don't worry too much about it, though. While I wanted to share my experience in order to give constructive feedback, I know that you are dealing with a lot issues from BIs.

I haven't had this sort of thing happen in the April or November sales so I think this is just a work in progress. The in-store experience was just a lot more stressful than I prepared myself for. I ordered what I knew I wanted, and there were a couple of things I wanted to check in-store to ensure the shades were right foundation and liquid blush.

My closest Sephora is a 2 hour drive away. They also only had 3 of the 4 shades of Nars liquid blush - of course, the one I wanted was the one missing.

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There were face masks I wanted that were OOS. I forgot to order the milk kush mascara online, and of course it was empty in store too. Thankfully the supervisor stepped in and corrected her. You don't need the mailer or email to shop and receive the discount. You can mention the promotion and have the Cast Member pull up your account to see your tier. Also, you can enter the promo code for your tier to shop today. I will send you a private message to further assist you. My mail app decided to throw a tantrum and the cast member seemed perfectly happy to sit there and wait forever with me. Good grief.

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Sephora may want to ensure things like this are handled consistently by cast members the next time they push lots of sale traffic to stores vs. Yeah that is definitely not the way that should have been handled at the Michigan Ave store. To receive the discount, you do have to mention the promo in store though. I'll send you a PM right now. Sometimes my iPad will auto fill the promo code I am trying to type in. I have to manually type in each letter of the entire promo code myself for it to work.

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I hope I explained this well and that it may help. Add Created with Sketch. Join a group. Start a conversation. Add a look. Post in Customer Support. Beauty Insider Appreciation Event Want more details?

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What if I like to order online? Can I redeem the offer more than once? Dates, please? As a benefit of our top tier of membership, Rouge gets to shop the event early.

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Is this offer available in Canada? What about Sephora inside JCPenney? Are there any exclusions? Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event But the one-time online use just killed me. Especially considering that when I went to the brick and mortar store, it was one disappointment after another. I wanted to purchase two Lancome lipsticks, but only one was in stock. I would have liked one of the discounted Lancome palettes, but they were OOS unfortunately, I didn't discover them online until after I had placed my order.

Shopping the sale wasn't fun and I was frustrated. I agree with what everyone has been saying.

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I was thankfu Then the biggest kick in the knee, after the size of my purchase, there was nothing about the Beauty Insider Event Summer Bonus!!! Now, I am wondering if my first purchase will be my last.

There needs to be respect for customers. I still haven't gotten anything in the mail, in my email, or the app about this sale? Do I need anything physical to scan in stores?

The Annual Fall Sale (mid-November)

Or do they just need my account for the discount? As an aside, does anyone know if the November sale is still happening because we're having this summer sale? I am sorry to hear this!

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I hope that this helps and please send me a PM if you have any further questions or concerns. When I tweeted about not getting an email they sent me a link to this page. I'm sorry for the confusion! We haven't sent emails to our clients regarding the Summer Bonus promo yet. But, they should be sent out in the near future!

Please stay tuned to your emails. Also, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us regarding the service you received in stores and our promotions. I'm sorry to hear there's been a decline in the service you've received! If you would like to share the details of your store experiences with me, please send me a private message.