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SA “Black Friday” gaming sales

We know that there will be tons of Xbox One X Black Friday deals this year, as it's likely the last Black Friday to take advantage of the console's sales we'll get to that in a second. We've got a good run down of some of the best existing deals and the previous ones from Black Fridays of yesteryear to give you an idea of what to expect and to help you get a feel for what you might want to shell out some cash on. Plus, the Xbox One X will be celebrating it's second birthday in November, so there might be a few extra deals for that.

Most importantly the Xbox One S has been out for over three years, and the next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett is definitely coming next year, so this year will likely be the last big one for both Xbox consoles and any deals you can snag on them. And, if you're thinking about looking for any Black Friday TV deals as well, keep in mind that next year will be all about Project Scarlett, 8K, and FPS, so think about about that if you're getting a new screen.

Retailers like Amazon , Walmart , and Best Buy will probably discount the heck out of both consoles this year, and you'll probably get a sweet game bundle deal in the process. With more game bundles, more specials, and the lowest prices ever expected, here's what will happen when the Xbox One X Black Friday deals start to roll in All of the Xbox One X Black Friday specials as well as all other Black Friday game deals , seem to roll out earlier and earlier with each passing year.

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition

While this year's Black Friday officially falls on November 29 , discounts will likely roll out at least two weeks before that. That means that you should start keeping track of these deals around mid-November, way before you gorge yourself on turkey and gravy.

This is prime discount season, and paying attention to deals well before November 29 means you'll be able to snatch up a good one well before something goes out of stock. The early bird catches the console, or whatever. That means the Xbox One X should be aggressively discounted, as well.

Black Friday deals are over, but the savings continue

You'll probably see those offers bundled with an AAA game, too, so keep your eyes peeled. Almost heaven, West Virginia View Deal. There were a few savings on other consoles, and a few deals on the Xbox One S All-Digital, but it was a bit of a letdown for those expecting to snag a console for less.

However, the meager offerings during Amazon Prime Day leads us to believe the Xbox One X Black Friday deals will be absolutely crackin', so keep an eye out.

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The original Division was good, but its sequel is outright great. If a bundle includes a game you need or really want, then this will be more valuable to you than one that doesn't.


What you need to know is the actual prices you can expect to pay during Black Friday That game is likely to be Gears 5 , although you'll find bundles with Forza Horizon 4 thrown in for similar prices. Sure, the S won't play games in 4K, however, it will play the exact same games at a much cheaper price.

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It can also run 4K Blu-Rays. Consider it a great starting off point if you need a new console and want to stay in the Microsoft family or are looking to defect over from another platform.

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The S is a great choice for those looking to make a jump that will be easy on their wallet. If you're looking for more power, the Xbox One X is the console for you. There are 5 Teraflops of graphical horsepower under the hood of the X, which lets it render hyper detailed, vibrant textures. If you want to play games in 4K, the X is the only option for you.

Plus, Fallout 76 is better now than it was last year Definitely not.

You'll find Black Friday Xbox One X specials on almost every accessory, game, and piece of tech you can dream of. Already got an Xbox One? We've rounded up the best upcoming games in If you want a new TV to play your games console on, check out the best gaming TVs of And more for more gadget recommendations, take a look at the dedicated Sun Selects tech section.

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