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However, if the non-exporting producer does complete the Certificate of Origin, they are subject to the same obligations regarding record. To hold companies accountable for buying raw materials from these areas that aid corrupt militias, and to mitigate the chance that the minerals purchased by companies are funding military conflict, the U.

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Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Law was passed in The law requires U. Companies using such minerals must also disclose their supply chain inquiries to verify whether these minerals originated in the DRC or adjoining countries.

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The Toxics in Packaging Legislation was established by the Coalition of Northeastern Governors CONEG to reduce the amount of lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and mercury in packaging and to keep packaging components from entering landfills, waste incinerators, recycling streams and ultimately the environment. The law requires manufacturers to certify that none of the regulated metals were intentionally added to any products during the manufacturing process, and that the sum of the incidental concentration levels present in any product does not exceed ppm by weight CONEG model limit.

The law also requires certificates of compliance to be completed by manufacturers and furnished to state agencies and to the public upon request , but does allow for certain exemptions that must be approved by individual states. This law is desirable because manufacturers that comply with regulation meet the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, while minimizing the hazardous impact of products upon the environment and society.

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Bisphenol A BPA , a building block of several important polymers and polymer additives used in the production of polycarbonates, is widely used in manufacturing polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins used in nearly every industry. There has also been environmental concern over the risk posed by BPA leaching into landfills and bodies of water, consequently affecting the food chain. Downstream users must inform registrants about the way they use BPA, to allow registrants to prepare a realistic exposure scenario for each specific use of BPA.

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Regulations concerning BPA continue to evolve as governments at every level attempt to address public concern and take varying scientific assessments into account. Supplier Requirement: Please provide a declaration letter identifying that no natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber latex is found in any of the items provided to Lofton. According to FDA regulation, labeling statements that include the latex content of the product packaging as well as the product itself are required on products containing latex, since repeated or prolonged exposure to natural rubber latex can result in the development of allergies or sensitivity to natural rubber latex, generally in the form of skin-site reactions.

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If latex is present in production, the extent to which natural rubber latex is used in the manufacture of the product must be defined. However, this labeling suggests that products are completely without natural rubber latex, which is problematic because 1 there is always a chance that products were contaminated with latex allergens during the manufacturing process, and 2 the FDA is unaware of any test method capable of detecting and confirming the complete absence of latex proteins capable of causing allergic reactions. Qualifications are necessary if the product, its packaging or its container use natural rubber latex or its derivatives.

In such cases, the manufacturer should state which component is not made of natural rubber latex. Contact us. The packaging must contain elements that make it difficult for children under 5 years old to open, and it must be re-sealable for products that contain multiple servings or are intended for more than a single use.


FunkSac is an example of a packaging company that creates stand-up pouches with child-resistant locks for cannabis products. The heavy-duty, tear-resistant pouches keep contents secure and safe from kids while still maintaining full functionality and ease of use for adult consumers. These stand-up pouches feature childproof locks that are available in three distinct colors, so cannabusinesses can keep their branding and designs consistent.

These bags comply with required ASTM standards and, like other forms of flexible retail packaging, gain an environmental advantage by weighing less and taking less space than heavy, bulky containers. As more states begin outlining guidelines and regulations for legal marijuana, businesses entering the industry must consider cannabis packaging a key part of their overall marketing and branding strategy. Choosing packaging that keeps consumers safe and products protected is key to shifting perceptions about this fledgling market.

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It has the ability to begin building brands into leaders in their industries and gaining consumer trust and loyalty. Advancements in the packaging industry are growing at a rapid pace, and the time is right for marijuana brands to take advantage of these new innovations. Check out her ebook on " How to Package Medical Marijuana. All rights reserved.

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Skip to main content. Stand-up pouches give marijuana-infused products a point of differentiation and protection.

Zippers and Resealable Devices. Recommended for You - More in Pouches. MinnPack Inverted pouch trend upends food packaging: Chico Honey. Recyclable stand-up pouch is circular-economy ready.